Show Dont Tell

We can be a good muslim by words. How? We can tell the world, "I'm a good Muslim. I don't commit sin. I always follow syariah. I fulfill my obligation to Allah. I pray to Allah. In fact, i also bla...bla... bla..." This is the different. Our act is just our babbling. But how to … Continue reading Show Dont Tell



Love was definitely in the air today. I was lucky enough to witness this wonderful lady in my life get married and it was awesome to be part of her special days today. One by one, my friends are getting off the market. Before this, there are sixteen of us and maybe someday will be … Continue reading SIXTEEN

Self Personality Test!

Salam and Hi, I found this test while doing some site hopping. Took it, and the result is somehow....true? Dont know... So, anyone interested in doing theirs? And this is my result (drum roll....) . . . TADA!! Your view on yourself: You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. … Continue reading Self Personality Test!

My Growing Family Has Changed My Eid Tradition

This will be my first time not being with my family for Hari Raya Celebration, but I am looking forward to celebrating it with my new family. And It’s my first time celebrating Hari Raya with my new husband and my extended family. Last weekend, I'm donned our new Hari Raya outfits and drove up … Continue reading My Growing Family Has Changed My Eid Tradition